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Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Location: Art Gallery of NSW

Dates: 14/05/2022 – 28/08/2022

The Archibald Prize for portrait painting is the country’s favourite and most significant art award. Since 1921, it has highlighted figures from all walks of life, from famous faces to local heroes, reflecting back to us the stories of our times.

Etymon Concierge's Tony Ilbery had the pleasure of attending a private showing and artists talk with Claus Stangl (2022 Packing Room Prize winner) and Kathrin Longhurst (Packing Room Prize winner 2021) chaired by Dr Michael Brand, director of the Art Gallery of NSW.

The talk was a fascinating deep dive into both artists works in this years Archibald, their individual challenges in meeting their subjects and the need for more artist workspaces in a challenging Sydney real estate market.

Art Gallery of NSW Archibald Prize

From left Kathrin Longhurst, Claus Stangl and Dr Michael Brand

Kathrin Longhurst "Irrational" portrait of Midori Goto

Tony Ilbery with artist Claus Stangl and his portrait "Taika Waititi" winner Packing Room Prize

For more information on the Archibald Prize and upcoming exhibitions at the Art Gallery of NSW please see concierge or visit the Art Gallery of NSW website

Etymon Concierge

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