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Updated: Nov 23, 2023

In preparation for your move into Blue at Lavender Bay, below is a list of the building's procedures and requirements all designed to make the move as efficient as possible with minimal disruption to the building.


  • Only 1 move-in or move-out is allowed at a time

  • First in first served, so please book well in advance to avoid disappointment

  • Minimum 48hours notice is required

  • All move-ins and move-outs need to be booked with concierge email or call 0449 811 087


  • Blue only has two lifts so moves are booked in non-peak periods

  • Monday - Friday AM 9.30am - 11.30am

  • Monday - Friday PM 2.00pm - 4.00pm

  • Saturday by request

  • Sunday no moves allowed


  • Concierge will check your preferred date and time

  • If available concierge will place a hold on that desired 2 hours window

  • Please note: the time you're booking at Blue is your arrival time here, not the start time of your move at your current residence


  • Company name

  • Copy of their public liability insurance

  • If you do not have a move company contact concierge


  • Internal Height: 2400mm

  • Internal Width: 1450mm

  • Internal Length: 2050mm

  • Note: there is no other access option to the apartments


  • Contact concierge 1 hour before your booked start time to confirm you are on time, any changes or delays, can greatly effect the other bookings and activities at Blue.

  • Tell your move company to report to the lobby on arrival and the concierge on duty will assist getting them signed in, building induction and started as fast as possible

  • Concierge and movers to erect lift protective padding

  • Concierge lift lock-off for the exclusive use of your movers


  • Movers to concierge at 61 Lavender Street for best available parking

  • Blue does not have a loading dock or internal parking for vehicles or movers

  • The rear lane is not part of 61 Lavender Street, it is wholly owned by 55 Lavender Street

NOTE: Concierge has successfully managed over 200 move-ins and move-outs at Blue without issues, concierge is here to direct and assist on the day to ensure a smooth process for you, your move team and your fellow residents.


  • Items to be taken from the truck into the lift, from the lift to the apartment. Do not learn items on the walls or block any of the lift areas or corridores

  • Lift access for your movers will be with your FOB key

  • Exclusive use of the lift is for 2 hours, please ensure your move team has adequate number of staff

  • If the team are unboxing please take all boxes with the movers

  • If not unboxing, there is a blue bin on B3 for your boxes, please flatten and place in the bin, DO NOT put boxes down the garbage chute.


  • Once the movers are finished they must report to concierge

  • Remove the lift protective padding

  • Concierge checks the areas, and sign out


  • Should your movers damage anything, please report it to concierge immediately

  • This is why the building insists your movers have Public Liability Insurance

  • Concierge will film all areas your movers are accessing before and after the move

If you have any questions please contact Etymon Concierge at any time to discuss

Phone: 0449 811 087

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