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Updated: Nov 25, 2021

Etymon Concierge Service is provided to all residents as part of the strata for each apartment, these Concierge services can be grouped into

  • Concierge Desk Duties

  • Concierge Security Duties

  • Concierge Courtesy Duties

  • Concierge Administrative Duties


  • Demonstrate professionalism

  • Exhibit good attitude and presentation

  • Assist Owners, Occupiers and Visitors with their enquiries

  • Guide Owners, Occupiers and Visitors with services available in adjoining precincts

  • Monitor and respond to calls from intercoms connected to the Concierge desk

  • Manage and administer phone calls and enquiries

  • Administer issues that Owners, Occupiers and Visitors bring to the Concierge desk

  • Keep an inventory of all Residents occupying, entering and leaving the building

Keep a list of contacts that Occupants would like the Concierge to call in any eventuality.

Maintain logs of all:

  • Concierge events

  • Complaints

  • Service Personnel, Real Estate Agents, Cleaners of Apartments and any others

  • Catalogue identities of personnel providing Services if they are ‘Unregistered Entrants’.

  • Maintain the privacy of all Occupants.

  • Maintain the use of Common Property consistent with the By-Laws.

  • Liaise with Real Estate Agents

  • Assist with Residents “Moving In or Out” of the Building.

  • Liaise with the Facilities Manager as required.

  • Arrange access for Authorised Persons.

  • Restrict or prohibit unauthorized access (but only if safe to do so).

  • Obtain Occupants Instructions and Receipt Cheques/Cash (if applicable) for Master Keys and FOBS.

  • Request Facilities Manager to issue Master Keys and FOBS as per the Occupants Instructions.


  • Monitor Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras and report incidents to the Facilities Manager

  • Implement the full requirements of Blue Lavender Bay Security, Emergency & Risk Management Committee (BSERC) Framework.

  • Receipt Keys and FOBS that are placed in Concierge Care by Occupants and Service Personnel

  • Counter Check Keys and FOBS, which are coded and which are being had out to Personnel

  • Report lost and found Keys to the FM immediately, as and when reported

  • Maintain copies of ‘Driving Licenses’ of all personnel if they are ‘Unregistered Entrants’ only

  • Prepare schedules for FOB Audits

  • Report persons smoking, taking illegal drugs or consuming alcohol on common property

  • Record and report ‘Untoward Behavior’ by Occupants, Visitors, Service Providers and Agents

Record and report any

  • major glass breakages to the Facilities Manager

  • break-ins to the Facilities Manager and Police

  • unruly Occupants who disturb the peace and quiet of other residents

  • back door or unauthorised access by Service Providers

  • storage of flammable chemicals, liquid and gases in Common Areas

Check and monitor

  • fire exit doors and lights in stairways daily

  • water logging in stairways at intervals particularly following rainfall

  • Advise Facilities Manager of any theft, vandalism, breakage and/or suspicious activity in the Building, in accordance with BSERC requirements

  • Keeping a record of all residential car park users and their FOB Numbers


  • Safe keep dry cleaning for Owners and Occupants.

  • Administer pickup, delivery and receipting of parcels.


  • Assist in the establishment of customized support systems for the Facilities Manager and Concierge

  • Keep the Concierge Handbook up to date

Assist the Facilities Manager with scheduling:

  • fire safety inspections and fire drills

  • defects inspections and rectification works

  • building and unit entitlement valuations

  • Work Health and Safety (WH&S) Inspections

  • Risk Assessment Inspections

  • regulatory inspections

  • Keep the Concierge area tidy and clean

  • Ensure that the CCTV and the Intercom remains functional at all times

Financial Administration Duties:

  • Collection of services fees for security keys and FOBS

  • Secure monetary deposits for service lift usage when Residents move in or move out and refund all monetary deposits only after inspecting the condition of service lifts

  • Secure money in safe and notify Facilities Manager

For any questions, comments or feedback about Etymon Concierge Service please see

Etymon Concierge

Lobby at Blue at Lavender Bay

61 Lavender Street, Milsons Point

0449 811 087

Etymon Concierge has a lot of additional lifestyle management, speciality and bespoke concierge services available on request, to arrange a time to discuss contact the Etymon Concierge Manager at Blue for more information.

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