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"We provide the highest levels of service, with a generosity of spirit in everything we do"

Etymon Concierge is more than a signature style concierge service, it is a 360-degree lifestyle offering dictated by the needs and wants of our residents and members. Every detail is meticulously curated and executed to ensure both memorable, and remarkable experiences.

Etymon Concierge aims to elevate the standards and sophistication of any residential development by providing a hotel-esque experience to its residents through traditional concierge services, combined with concierge lifestyle management.

Concierge Desk Blue Jan 2022.JPEG

Concierge Team

The Etymon Concierge team all have hospitality and service in the DNA.

Each of our wonderful concierge come from different background, bringing their unique experience and passion to the concierge role.

When you are next at Blue at Lavender Bay stop by and say hello to the on-site concierge team; Juliany, Thais and Trevor


Tony Ilbery

Etymon Concierge is led by Tony Ilbery a passionate concierge who has extensive experience in both the hospitality industry and in delivering personalised luxury experiences.

Through years as a Hotel Chief Concierge and a Lifestyle Concierge Manager, Tony understands the key to concierge service and always looking for innovative ways to solve problems and look for opportunities to increase the client experience.

"Luxury concierge is the seamless combination of consistency and creativity"


Etymon Projects

Etymon Projects is a startup in the hospitality space pioneering a new level in premium hospitality, luxury accommodation, wellness facilities and retail concepts. Like their parent company Aqualand, they are focused on enriching the way you live, committed to delivering 'signature style' concepts and aim to provide all who experience one of their properties with a feeling of being connected. Connected to heritage, artisanship, ingenuity and modern culture.



Etymon Concierge has its own fully responsive online platform, and app, designed with the resident experience in mind at every touch point.

Accessible 24/7 to residents within a residential development, the technology is a game changer in respect of the services we can provide.

ETYMON Concierge Pulse APP Mockup.jpg

Join the Team

Etymon Concierge is always looking for passionate, caring, relationship-focused, detail-oriented hospitality and service industry people to join our fresh approach to concierge and lifestyle management services.

If you would like to learn more about a career in concierge, our etymon Concierge culture training, click below to arrange a chat with us.


To discuss how concierge team as assist with your upcoming anniversary, birthday, milestone event, or "just because I love you" occasion contact us today and we'll take care of the rest.

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