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"We bring a hotel experience to resident's homes with premium concierge combined with lifestyle management services"

Etymon Concierge is more than a signature style concierge service, it is a 360-degree lifestyle offering dictated by the needs and wants of our residents and members. Every detail is meticulously curated and executed to ensure both memorable, and remarkable experiences.

Etymon Concierge aims to elevate the standards and sophistication of any residential development by providing a hotel-esque experience to its residents through traditional concierge services, combined with concierge lifestyle management.

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BLUE at Lavender Bay

Etymon Concierge at BLUE

7 Days from 7am to 10pm

61 Lavender Street, Lavender Bay

Milsons Point, Sydney, NSW, 2061

Phone: 0449 811 087


AURA by Aqualand

Etymon Concierge at AURA

Opening July 2024

168 Walker Street

North Sydney, NSW 2060

Phone: 0420 988 370


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Your Building

Looking to engage a luxury, service focused, industry leading Residential Concierge service?


Etymon Concierge has tailorable onsite and remote concierge service for the Sydney luxury residential market.


Remote Concierge

Etymon Concierge has designed a suite of remote lifestyle and concierge services available through Black Key membership, or as required either by the hour, or annual membership.


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Visit the Etymon Concierge Blog to read more about our concierge services and discover case studies of the types of services and experiences we can offer

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