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Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Sydneysiders have always laughed at Melbourne’s four seasons in one day, and that they have more rain crazy weather than us. But this year, our weather has been crazy! On top of the weeks of torrential downpours, and devastation, we have been experiencing snap-storms, blue skies one minute, thunderstorm 15 minutes later.

On Friday 18th March one of those storms hit Sydney City at around 9pm, a beautiful evening turned to black, then to storms, within 20 minutes.

Kevin, one of our residents explains the story behind this once in a lifetime photo.

“It was a spectacular night and I wanted to get a photo of the Harbour Bridge’s Blue-Light for the 90th Birthday celebrations. I set up the camera on a tripod and felt a few drops of rain, but thought it would be fine. As a ferry came into the frame, I dialled up a 13-second exposure and pressed the shutter button. Just 6 seconds later it really started to rain and I was stuck, I couldn’t move the tripod and camera or the photo would have been blurred. So, I stood there, watching the camera get wet (and me getting wet as well), waiting for the second click of the shutter closing. Then 1 second before it ended, the lightning bolt hit the city, the shutter closed, I grabbed the camera, and got out of the rain. The final photo shows the city, the ferry’s light stream across the harbour, and that lightning bolt landing on Argyle Street in front of Observatory Hill.”

Thank you to Kevin for sharing this incredible photo!

If you have taken great photos around the neighbourhood please send them to us, and remember to tag @etymonconcierge or add #etymonconcierge your Instagram photos and stories.

Tony Ilbery

Etymon Concierge

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