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Updated: Jan 18, 2023

In the event of an emergency at Blue the EWIS system, will automatically begin alarm mode with an alarm sound at the point of origin. As minutes elapse the alarm with cascades up and down floors through the building.

If the situation worsens the alarm will move from the initial "whoop whoop" alarm sound too a voice stating “This is an Emergency, Evacuate Now”, this will continue until alarm is reset.

Once alarm systems states to "evacuate" please act immediately, remain calm and follow the below steps

  • Evacuate the building as directed

  • Muster to Clark Park (photographed above)

  • Do not use lifts in the event of fire

Residential buildings do not typically have, and are not required to have, an evacuation plan (given the variables in residential living). However, Michael the building manager, has requested for our fire contractor to broadcast the above over the intercom each month during our monthly testing.

In an emergency situation you require additional assistance please call or text concierge, we will assist if, and when, safe to do so, or, pass the information directly onto emergency services to action on their arrival.

For additional emergency information please contact


Building Manager

0456 994 098

In case of an emergency please contact emergency services immediately

Police, Fire Ambulance on 000

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